Monday, 28 January 2008

Running back into reality

I did my first run yesterday. Yes, I know it's been two weeks since my last run but my excuse is that it was a marathon so I took some time off!

Anyway, while I was glad to get out there again, it just wasn't the same: it was a bit boring to be doing loops of my local lake, all by myself. Am I doomed to find running boring every time I do it without Disney character stops and running through theme parks? Has the Disney marathon spoiled me?

I have looked into doing some local races to keep the motivation up but somehow a half marathon in Milton Keynes at the end of winter doesn't sound quite so appealing now... if nothing else I will miss those Sharpie signs.

To add insult to injury today I woke up a bit stiff - just like I did when I first started running all those months ago. What's going on?

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Lynsey said...

Thank you for the great link on running schedules. I have printed it. At the moment, I'm doing 40 mins fast walking and about 40 mins cycling. Will need to lose a bit more weight before I can jog though. I will be running the 5km.


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