Monday, 18 August 2008

Goodbye, baby

Before I had my baby, I had my first "baby":

Ever since I saw one of these in London, circa 1999 I wanted one. It looked so cute, was so unique yet included all the comforts of more expensive cars. So after pining for one of these, I finally got mine in November 2001. It was brand new with 4 miles on the clock and I was the happiest girl in town!

Over the years this car has been loved like no car before: it has always been lovingly hand washed (none of those rough machine washes for my baby!), kept in a garage most of the time, all services done on time and fluids kept topped up and has always been kept very clean on the inside and out. I love driving this car, I love the fact that it’s left-hand drive, I love the color, I love the panoramic sunroof, I love the way I can use the gears but then push a button and turn it into a full automatic… I just love this car.

Circumstances are forcing me to sell and although I know that it’s a sensible decision and one I don’t have much choice about, I am still heartbroken and devastated. I feel like I’m giving up one of my children! I have been through so much with this car that even now, writing all this I am getting a lump in my throat. I also know that the car I’ll be getting to replace my Smart is a very wise choice, it is a very nice car and I will love driving it, but for the moment it’s like a marriage of convenience. I am not in love with that new car and I hate having to give up something I love.

Last weekend I spent a few hours getting the car spotless so that I could take some pictures and get the ball rolling with the sale. As I was rubbing the car down and taking the photos I took the opportunity to think back to all the wonderful memories I have of this car and silently said goodbye to him.

I am trying to approach the whole thing from a very practical angle but I do know that when I sell the car and watch someone else drive it away, I will be in floods of tears. I also know that whoever buys my car is getting a very, very good car and I know that they will be very happy with it. I only wish I didn’t have to sell at all.


Sarah said...

I actually welled up reading that - your words definitely convey your emotions very well. I hope the new owners look after him as well as you have!

Shazza911 said...

It's amazing how easily we attach to objects like a car. I have a VW golf, and it's great. It's a hatchback, holds the puppy, the child and the parents. We actually looked at a smart car when we bought it (but decided our dog would not fit (big German Shepherd). We have loved the VW, so if you need something just a little bigger, it's pretty practical and fun!! Just make sure you take your smart car for a special ride before it's gone, crank up the tunes and just go!!

Julie W. said... sad!! I remember getting rid of my first car - it was almost 20 years old, was purchased used and was just not worth all the maintenance anymore. But even so, I had such great memories of it. Martin thought I was crazy as I climbed all over it - all around inside it - snapping photos of every little detail before we turned it over to the mechanics who would strip it for parts and properly dispose of it. I totally feel for you!!!!


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