Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Skinny Bitch

The book “Skinny Bitch” is definitely NOT to everyone’s taste but I think that everyone should read it. It’s not just the tone of the book (VERY straight talking and with some mild swearing) but the harsh truths that it delivers - mainly that eating meat is simply eating rotting carcass and isn’t terribly good for you. I happen to believe that is true and am about 90% vegetarian but I need reminding of just WHY I am doing a good thing by avoiding meat and sticking with fruits and vegetables.

There are of course other books that cover the same subject, some with more depth (and less shouting) like “Diet for New America” by John Robbins. I read this book by accident about 5 years ago and from the first chapter I was hooked. It is a very compassionate, gentle book that tries to teach you about the truth behind the animal products we eat. The book covers every angle: health, social consequences, economics, ethics, etc. I can honestly say this book changed my life and was the catalyst that made me take that decision I’d been wanting to take for years – to become vegetarian (I haven’t tried going vegan yet).

I will occasionally re-read “Diet for New America” (and the follow up books) to remind myself that I am doing a good thing and that all the hassle and irritation is worth it. I like to think that I eat generally quite healthily but I do have some weaknesses (like chocolate and cheese) and I have to keep these cravings under control. I also struggle with my weight (it’s probably all that cheese) but I don’t like dieting because I think it’s unnatural and even unhealthy in the long run.

So when I heard about “Skinny Bitch” I was interested: here was a book that advocated some sort of healthy eating with the ultimate result in losing weight and feeling great. I started reading it and soon enough found myself being reminded of all those reasons why I gave up meat in the first place. I wasn’t expecting the book to advocate a vegan lifestyle because it’s rare that a book written by Americans and that is popular includes these ‘radical’ ideas. Especially when the premise of the book is to lose weight, which is as mainstream as health books get these days.

I enjoyed the read very much, even though it suggests some changes that will be very, very hard for me to do (it’s that cheese again) but with such rational and strong arguments I can hardly defend myself. But I need reminding about all the consequences of eating animal products and I was nodding along as I was reading, agreeing with everything the authors are saying and resolving to make changes to my life – not necessarily because I want to get skinny but because I want to improve my life. If weight loss follows, then that’s just good karma!

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Shazza911 said...

I might have to check these out. I once thought about becoming vegetarian, but so far have been way too lazy and not quite ready to give up meat. Maybe in time...


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