Friday, 22 August 2008

Running in a skirt? YES!

As most of my readers know (and if you don’t – here’s a catch-up) I was doing a lot of running last year, preparing for the WDW marathon, my first ever.

I won’t cover old ground but training for such an event brought its own special kinds of challenges: physical of course but also time challenges (trying to fit all the training runs in, while still living my life), weather challenges (I run in the UK, enough said), and clothing challenges.

YES, clothes. Before I decided to sign up for this race I had been to the gym before but never really run. So I had a lot of jog pants and guy tops and stuff like that, that just isn’t suitable for running, especially outside. So little by little I purchased bits and bobs to build up a pretty respectable running wardrobe.

However, the girls training for the same thing over in the US kept talking about ‘running skirts’ in the forums at I followed a few of the links they gave, had a look and thought that they indeed looked cute but I couldn’t find them at all in the UK so I just gave up.

The day of the marathon I noticed that a LOT of my fellow female competitors were wearing these cute running skirts, which wasn’t surprising as I knew they were popular, but as the race wore on I found myself feeling quite jealous and wanted one of these skirts. But I had my doubts: would the shorts rub? And what about the ones with panties underneath, would they be too revealing? So I did nothing about it…

Flash forward a few months. The running skirt thing has been in and out of my head but as they are impossible to find in the UK I’d kind of discounted them again… until something happened. I started changing shape, putting on weight very quickly and my waist disappeared: I discovered I was pregnant. But I still wanted to get out and run! Little by little all my running clothes were getting too tight and something had to give. I started searching online for maternity running clothes and what did I find? Running skirts!

I found the perfect solution – the Fit Momma skirt. I ordered it and it quickly arrived (from Canada, no less) and as soon as I could I put it on and WOW. Not only does it fit beautifully and will fit me nicely in the months to come, but it is so cute that it actually makes me want to get out there. Even though these days a ‘run’ is more of a misnomer as more walking happens than running but I love, love, love my skirt.

Because this style only comes in black I do feel a bit limited but no worries – I’ll just have to get a few more of the ‘normal’ running skirts, which come in so many lovely colors. I can wear them now before I turn into a baby elephant and will be nice to wear once the baby pops out, when I really will need to work hard at losing all that weight.

So I finally got my skirt and I really love it. I was not at all sure of running in a skirt, after running in tights for so long but it makes me feel better and actually want to go for a run so a worthy investment I think!


Sarah said...

you're pregnant???? congrats!!!!!

and that is a super cute running skirt :)

Rachael B said...

I love the skirt. Congrats again on your pregnancy.... I wondered when you'd put it on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Glad you love it, I know I love mine. Congrats on everything!!!


Lauren said...

Have fun running in your skirt!


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