Monday, 24 November 2008

Just as I grow, so does my stash

I am not scrapbooking as much as I used to lately. But it really isn’t because I don’t like doing it, it’s more because I keep running out of photos! As many of you know, I’ve been doing this for so long that I rarely have more than 3 months’ worth of photos in my To-Do pile and because I like to do double layouts with lots of photos (and do lots at once), I get caught up fairly quickly.

For a few months now a combination of factors has meant that I have been taking fewer photos than I used to. Probably the main factor is that as I get bigger, I am less and less inclined to be around a camera, in case anyone dares take a photo of me.

A lesser factor is that my camera has taken a few knocks and is slightly limiting so often I am a little disappointed with the eventual results. I have also not had many occasions where I’d want to take photos, but that is a lame excuse as I used to take photos of ANYTHING before. So it’s mainly issues with laziness, perceptions of me and the camera.

The end result boils down to a lot fewer photos than I used to take, which means that I am even more caught up with the scrapbooking stuff. I even made an album before I went away a few weeks ago, so that I would only need to insert the photos in it! I have noticed that my card making time is also increasing as I satisfy that creative streak in me.

So why did I spend a fortune in stash today?

I know that I don’t really need it but I did anyway. Well, I sort of do… you see, I’m starting to plan the new baby album and as I know we’ve got a girl coming, I need to stock up on the pink stuff. But don’t panic, I didn’t go too pink, after much search I settled on the Infuse collection from Basic Grey (there’s another thing, I RARELY buy BG so I really must be losing my mind) and then bought bits and pieces to match so that I can put an album together.

You see, when Samuel was born I had about three projects on at once: a pregnancy journal, a new baby book and a whole album just about him. I knew that if I ever had a second I would never be able to so this much work again but I also wanted to avoid the “second child thing” where there’s hardly any photos of that second child around. I just thought it was so unfair so I’m trying to redress that inevitable misbalance somehow. So a baby girl album seemed a fair thing to do and once that’s completed then we will revert to ONE album for the whole family which is what I do now and I find it works best for me.

When I’m going to find time to do this all is something I yet have to work out but at least I now have the stash to get busy with. And maybe I need to get a new camera…

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Shazza911 said...

I wish I had as much dedication as you with scrapbooking. I have the stuff, I still need to print off the pictures and actually do it though!! At least for Disney we could order a book so I actually have a nicely done book from the trip, but not much else!! Someday I will get dedicated!!


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