Friday, 28 November 2008

Why doesn't anyone tell you these things?

Being pregnant is very, very weird, at least for me. It means that my body does some pretty strange things and I have no control over them – so in a sense it’s a little like being possessed.

For example, I have the charmingly named “restless legs syndrome” which basically does exactly that. Every evening, when I’ve finally finished all my chores and jobs and I sit down to watch some TV and relax, my legs (in particular my left leg) have other ideas. It is very difficult to describe but basically I can’t just sit there without moving my legs and every minute or so I have to keep wiggling, moving and shaking my legs. Very, very annoying and nothing I can do about it.

I’ve also got some weird cravings. Last time I was pregnant I didn’t really crave anything (but I did consume masses of cucumbers and banana nut muffins). However, I kinda knew that those cravings were not really for real ones and I chose to act upon them. This time around, things are different. I really crave terracotta clay – to eat. The feeling came over me one day, out of the blue, and ever since I can’t stop thinking about it. There is a name for the condition: geophagia and while it’s nice to know that I am not going crazy, again I am involved in some strange behavior and can do nothing about it.

You may have deduced from these two symptoms that I could have anaemia and you would be right. A recent blood test confirmed that I am slightly anaemic which isn’t completely unexpected as I am vegetarian. But getting the diagnosis wound me up as the solution is obviously iron supplements, but these have rather unpleasant side effects. So I’m trying to manage it with diet and I can only hope that it works.

Of course my growing shape also brings with it a few issues like making me waddle, making me look like some deformed creature and making it very hard to get comfortable when in bed. I already had issues with my looks a few months ago and getting bigger isn’t helping at all – so I’m avoiding mirrors, cameras and anyone that dares to say “wow, you certainly are coming along!” Oh, and anyone that uses the word “bump” when referring to me or any part of my body.

So basically I am now a deformed, angry, restless, tired, hormonal woman that likes to eat clay… nice. I am getting pretty bored with the whole thing by about now and would love very much to go back to my normal body, the one I can control. The only thing that keeps me from going crazy is knowing that, no matter how weird and boring things are right now, they are SO much easier than living with a newborn baby.

It is only then that I will realize how little control I have over my life… I think I’d rather eat clay.

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Shazza911 said...

I am so tired all the time, and all I can think about is how it will be months before I'll get a good sleep again. Very depressing since I still have over a month and half left before the sleepless nights truly begin!!

My heart goes out to you. I totally get how you are feeling, although have not personally craved clay yet (but was also slightly anemic!!). You'll make it through, because then I'll have someone to complain to about all the newborn baby stuff!!


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