Thursday, 20 November 2008

A study in contrasts

This is a beach near Bournemouth (UK) in August:

Note the grey skies (remember, this is August!), it was actually chilly enough that day for me to be sitting on the beach with a sweater on. It was very crowded as this was the last weekend of summer holidays so people were determined to get out regardless of the grim weather. Also notice those brightly colored windbreaker things: such a weird thing! My thoughts are, if you need those things you shouldn’t be sitting outside…

It didn't deter people though - some children were even swimming in the ice-cold seas and of course you can see all these people sitting out in what is pretty ugly weather. This part of Dorset has some of the few beaches in the UK that actually have sand so at least it was soft to sit on, and not on pebbles which is more common. But the beach is pretty small and everyone is crowded on a very tiny space: imagine what it's like on a NICE day!

But anyway, compare this to a photo of Miami Beach in November:

It isn’t very busy because it was a mid-week day in November (and I purposefully took the photo to try and avoid people in it). The weather was gorgeous but still a bit windy for Southern Florida standards, because of Hurricane Paloma that was whirling out in the Caribbean. But it was still good enough to sit out in and get a tan, which I did, and for lots of people to consider swimming, even though the red flags were out and the sea was pretty rough. But the sand is cool and soft, the water not freezing and the beach wide and spacious... a proper paradise.

If ever there was a better visual way to explain why it is that I find the UK so depressing sometimes, I can’t think of a better way than to contrast these two photos. Sure, it is an unfair comparison because of the geographical location of these places but you must remember that I was born and raised on lower latitudes so I’m much more used to sunshine and warmth and the never-ending winters that we get here in the UK are too much to ask for… even after nearly 12 years living here.

Now why did I go and post this today? It’s only made me feel worse… I guess I am a little homesick. It’s going to be a long time before I feel any warmth on my skin that doesn’t come from a radiator and before I get to sit out in the sun and not freeze.

I need to book a holiday soon. Before I burst into tears, ideally.


Lauren said...

Please don't cry Claudia!!! Book that holiday...

Jane said...

I totally understand! I get so homesick sometimes I just want to curl up under a cover until I can go back for a visit.... and now it will be nearly two years between visits to grandchildren. I just want some wide open spaces, some Texas and Florida sunshine, some shopping, some Mexican food, and some cuddles from the grandchildren (not necessarily in that order)!

Shazza911 said...

Oh, I feel bad for you. Maybe someday you can find jobs in the lower latitudes again. I grew up in a very sunny city, but since it's in Canada, we still get some brutal winter days. Lots of sun though!! I'd love to live somewhere hot and tropical though. My time in Florida was by far my favourite weather wise. I just hope some day I can figure out a way to live in a climate like that again, because, you can always visit snow!!

RachaelB said...

Claudia, I was born here and the weather depresses me!


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