Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Come and share my dream...

Most kids here in the UK went back to school this week, the trees are turning orange and I need the heating on in the house: must be the fall. While I really do like those fall days when the sky is blue and the air is brisk, there is always a part of me that knows that I won’t really be feeling any warmth for the next 9 or 10 months and it makes me sad. I am a heat-loving, sun freak and have found it hard to cope with these never-ending UK winters.

I guess the main reason is that I’m not used to this: back in Monterrey we have 4 seasons: the warm one, the hot one, the changeable one and the cool one. Sure, it does get cold in the winter (and can even get snow in the higher areas) but this only lasts a couple of months, max. By march at the latest we’re all back in t-shirts. I really, really miss the hot days, those endless days when the sun shines all the time, when you really feel like you’re melting in the 40-plus degree heat and when I can just sit and soak it all in.

It goes without saying that UK weather just isn’t the same as what I’m used to and this is the number one reason I’d leave the country: I hate the long, cold, dark, damp, miserable winters. Some years we seem to skip fall altogether and head straight into winter, which then seems to last for ages! I end up hating all my winter clothes, the way my skin is so dry, my hair frizzy, my hands numb and my legs white. I hate having to spend about 10 minutes wrapping up before I head outside. I hate being wet all the time. I hate it all.

So, if I had a fairy godmother and she asked me for one wish, that would be to move away from this cold and damp and back to where the sun shines: Florida. AH, I bet you didn’t see that one coming! Sure, I love Mexico but I would definitely want magical help to move back to the USA – and that would be the only way, I’m sure, what with all their immigration red tape and the fact that Mexican citizens aren’t that high on the wanted scale. I can always move back to Mexico quite easily if I wanted (perhaps to retire?)

Yes, I would love to live in Florida again – but preferably not where all the tourists are but somewhere full of real people. I always joke with my husband that my ideal job would be pushing an ice-cream cart around some quiet but pretty beach: this way I would be both out in the sun and making people happy, what more could I want? But my other ideal job is working in a scrapbook shop, somewhere small enough where everyone would know each other, where the customers are loyal and lovely and where we would all nip out to get ice-cream in the afternoons... ah! What a dream!

I know the reality would be tougher, much tougher, but that doesn’t stop me: after all, I’ve lived and worked there so know what it’s like! But I would much rather work 6 days a week and have only 2 weeks holiday a year than live here and feel like I’m living in Tupperware for 10 months of the year because I don’t see the sun. I would of course miss all my UK friends, my Smart car and Indian food but it would be a small price to pay for wall-to-wall sunshine in my life once again. That, as they say, is priceless.

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