Thursday, 7 September 2006

It's time now to talk about all that is good about scrapbooking!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about scrapbooking and how that has made my life better. For one, it means that I spend evenings now actually “doing” something as opposed to just sitting on my butt and watching TV. I mean, I still sit on my butt but there is something tangible at the end of the session (and not just a bigger butt, for those clever people out there!) It also gives me the creative outlet that I’d been missing from my life: even though I work in marketing, I rarely get the chance to create anything so this is a lovely change from my day-to-day life.

Scrapbooking has also helped me meet many wonderful people: from the ladies I crop with to the ladies I chat to online both here and in the rest of the world, I have made some great friendships. When I moved to the UK I didn’t really know anyone apart from my husband and his friends, so getting my own has certainly helped make my life better. Life with no friends is not worth living, in my book!

Earlier in the year I travelled to Holland for Scrap-a-ganza and it was the ultimate indulgence: an entire weekend of scrapbooking and chatting and workshops and with no family to intrude, it was bliss! I had such a great time that I’m already planning to go next year. There is another event later this year but sadly I can’t make it as I’m on vacation at the time... otherwise I would SO be there! So I have scrapbooking to thank for this wonderful trip.

In a very small way, this hobby has helped me out in my professional work. Although my job is not at all about ads and pitches, I have certainly made use of design principles that come from scrapbooking in my work. I also find that as my scrapbook journaling gets better, so do the briefs I produce for work. I am also hoping that this hobby helps me get a new job – I have an interview for a job that requires more creative skills than I use now and I feel confident that I can do it, all thanks to scrapbooking.

Last but not least, scrapbooking has helped me make lots of people happy: from my parents who get a steady stream of mini-albums with their grandson on them, to all those people that have received a mini-book or album as a gift from me, to my own family as we have all these wonderful memories that will forever be kept. Most of all, it makes ME happy and that certainly makes my life better.

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