Tuesday, 26 September 2006

What is it about brads?

When I first started my stash accumulation (which actually came many years after the start of my actual scrapbooking!) I wanted to get a good selection of embellishments that I could use time and time again and quickly got hooked on brads. They look really cute when sorted in boxes, come in many colors and sizes and don’t require specialist tools to set – so they seemed ideal.

For the record I also got lots of eyelets at the time but because they require hammering, I don’t use them too often at crops. But I do have a lot of eyelets too, although not as many as brads.

Anyway, back to the story. I really loved brads and started buying them any chance I got. Thankfully I never got into “shaped” brads and concentrated on round and square ones (a few stars and flowers too) in mainly metallic colors. This has proved to be a good decision as I can always find a use for them – reindeer shaped red brads don’t have that versatility, I find. ; )

The thing about brads is that they come in huuuuuuge packs – and as much as I love my round copper brads, I don’t think I’ll use 100 of them in a hurry. But I get to the store, see packs of square silver brads and think, “Hmm, those are nice” and end up buying another 100. And so it goes on: huge golden brads, tiny pewter flowers, small round ones in bright colors... So my brad collection is a bit enormous!

I am always happy to share and I can happily report that my pack of 100 pastel colored round brads is nearly gone. Yet I have thousands of the little blighters and I never seem to have the one that is just perfect for whatever it is I’m doing right now. So I set out to buy more and more and end up with tons of brads and not one is right. ARGH! Or I buy a different brand and find that they are nearly impossible to split, or that the prongs are too long or too short or too stiff...

But I love them. They are perfect for sticking vellum or transparencies, great grouped together as accents, unsurpassable as flower centers. They don’t take that much room in my stash, are easy to use and transport and add a little bit of texture to my otherwise flat layouts. They come in lots of colors and sizes – from itsy bitsy to those huge brads which look ever so funky. So I will keep buying them, keep using them and keep loving them. If you haven’t already discovered brads, go and buy some today!

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