Wednesday, 13 September 2006

I'm no evangelist, more like an altar girl!

Have you ever tried to explain scrapbooking to someone that doesn’t? It always ends up sounding like quite a strange thing to do: stick photos and bits of paper in an album, along with some writing... or perhaps I don’t describe it very well.

In any case, I don’t often talk about scrapbooking with non-scrappers – maybe because I have such a hard time trying to make it sound not-lame, maybe because I just like to keep some things to myself, maybe because I don’t need to. Also, I’m not a scrapbook evangelist at all. My work colleagues, for example, love looking through all the mini books and cards I make and somehow telling them how it all came together feels like I’m telling them all the secret tricks and it won’t seem so amazing any more. Besides, there are a lot of people out there that don’t get it and it is quite heartbreaking when they just can’t understand. So perhaps my biggest reason to keep quiet is the good ol’ fear of rejection.

BUT, occasionally someone will come and ask me a question about paper crafts: perhaps they are thinking about making their own wedding cards or whatnot. Thing is, somehow I get a person that is interested, asking me questions and I’m AWAY!! I gladly share all about adhesives, trimmers, different materials, and die cutters, whatever. I guess that in this case I have someone that is already interested and needs advice – and I love to give it.

I do not set out to actively convert people but I do really like to encourage newbies into the hobby. I think the whole industry is now so complex and people are faced with almost impossible choices, so it’s nice to give a helping hand. I know that I do like to get help when I’m stuck so it’s do unto others...

I do love showing my scrapbooks to anyone that doesn’t scrapbook, though. In this case the results speak for themselves and inevitably I find that people are impressed and say “now how did you do that? Where did you get these things?” and so on. I love it! I also make lots of books for my family because they are ideal presents for those that don’t live near me and they are always very well received.

It was these books that may have led to my one and only creation of a new scrapper: my sister in law. She is good at all crafts and, when she saw my mini books, went ahead and copied them and made her own. She has no idea that she is now a scrapper though! She just likes what she sees and is good at recreating it. I have now sent her lots of mags and materials and she is amazed to find that scrapbooking is an actual industry – there is nothing like that available back in Mexico where she lives.

So I’m not very good at explaining the hobby, certainly rubbish at bringing new members but I do like to think that I am great at supporting the newcomers and helping them learn the ropes. I don’t know everything but if I can ever help – just ask!

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