Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I'm back...

... and it was awesome! I'm happy, tired, stuffed, hungover, the proud owner of new shoes and music and with a mind full of memorable moments.

All I can say is that friends are worth more than their weight in gold. Friends, good friends that you can be yourself with, are rare, and time spent with them is definitely good for the mind, the heart and the soul. I love every single one of them and even the ridiculous distances between us will not change that - because good friends live in our hearts and will always be there when needed.


Gin said...

What you say about friends is so true. We have a number of friends that we've known for 30 or so years. Sometimes we don't see them for months at a time but we know if we needed them they would be there for us. When we do see them it's as if we were never apart. That's true friendship.
Glad you had a super weekend. Maybe see you next Tuesday?

Lynsey said...

Glad you had a fabby time!!


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