Monday, 7 April 2008

Into another dimension

This morning I arrived at my desk at work before almost everyone else and, after filling up my water bottle, took a drink. The little red tip of my bottle fell onto the floor and I briefly saw it bounce on the blue carpet after disappearing.

When I looked for the lid, it was nowhere to be found. It is bright red and should stand out against the blue carpet, not to mention that the office is very tidy so there aren't that many places to hide. Well, I've spent the whole of the day trying to figure it out: where is that little red cap? I've had a real good look around and even checked my clothes and all around but nothing.

I saw it bounce on the floor - I'm sure I did. As it's now totally disappeared I think that it may have found a 'window' into another world and it's now sitting there, unable to return to our world. It's the only explanation!


Jazzy1972 said...

These sorts of things always happen to me, I am glad I am not alone lol. Great blog to read.

Enfys said...

LOL! Your blog is so entertaining!


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