Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Sometimes Disney songs surprise me by how deep they can seem:

We can reach for the stars we find along the way
Dreaming as we learn to love everyday
Promise you will take my hand
As tomorrow comes, we'll go on.

They can also seem surprisingly romantic even though the song itself isn’t used in a particularly romantic setting:

We'll go on growing closer through the years
Moving on through the good times and the tears
Ever on another thousand circles around the sun
A new life has begun
The two of us as one
We'll go on.

If you don’t already know what song this is, it’s “Promise” which is one of the songs that formed part of the Epcot Millennium Celebration. I believe this song played after the main Illuminations were finished and as guests were exiting Epcot, in the dark with the country pavilions brightly lit and Spaceship Earth glowing up ahead… so it is a little romantic but the song is surprisingly tender and loving. I wouldn’t be surprised if people have used this in weddings!

We'll go on
There is music if you listen
In the rhythm of each breath we take
Destinations undiscovered
Revolutions from every choice we make
And I know there are diamonds dancing in the sky
All we have to do is open our eyes
Promise we'll walk side by side
As a new day dawns we'll go on.

There is a hopeful tone to this song which is pretty common in Disney songs (who wants to be depressed while they’re on vacation?) and Epcot has always been the park that aims to get people happy about the future and its possibilities. This song fits into that beautifully but it is also a hauntingly romantic song even out of context. This is one of my absolutely favourite theme park songs, even though I never heard it in it’s original setting.

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Shazza911 said...

It's so neat to know someone that is clearly as obsessed with Disney as I am, maybe even more so. I love songs and lyrics, but I don't even remember this song. I will have to try and look it up sometime!! It's got great lyrics.

I love Disney music in general. I always wished I could get a copy of the True Colours version they had at the preshow at Honey I Shrunk the Audience. It's not part of the preview anymore, but it was just so inspirational and very different words from the original version.

"take a look around you, there's so much to see, just try imagining, and you can do anything" okay, that's probably not right, but it's close


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